Casa Curutchet

World heritage site

A collection of Argentinian photographers and a very special exhibition on Le Corbusier exclusive work in Latin America

As part of the acceptance of the house Curutchet as world heritage, UNESCO has declared “Casa Curutchet” as an area of world heritage site, together with some other Le Corbusier’s famous work.

In order to spread the news and share the experience with the community, a group of photographers are holding art exhibitions at this Swiss-French master exclusive building.

The House that Dr. Pedro Domingo Curutchet Had requested Le Corbusier in 1948 would be declared as National Historic Monument in 1987. It is a well-built modern place in a small lot between common walls. The house is located near the woods, in a residential area of La Plata, Argentina, just 60 kilometers away from down town Buenos Aires.

On behalf of ICOMOS Argentina and Fundación Ciudad de La Plata, a group of photographers, who live and work in the city, have been called. Not only are they really professionals, but they also mater social media as a tool to communicate and share their work. Named: Caminando La Plata, since the association was created in 2013 this group of photographers started seeking innovation, creativity and a different urban perspective. Nowadays, they’ve became a model for those who fight to preserve world heritage areas like this one.

The exhibition is held within the schedule of activities promoted by the Casa Curutchet site committee, formed by local, provincial, national and civil organizations either public or private, including us.

Therefore, we are pleased to present this photographic collection selected by Favio Scopel, project’s leader and curator of the exhibition. In this way, our intention is to contribute with casa Curutchet’s promotion.

Andrea Hernández Mason, Cristina Arias, Juan Pablo Isidori, Juan Tonnelier, Mariana Talamonti Baldasarre, Mario Volpi, Marta Alicia Arcodia, Nicolás Andrés Moreno, Patricia Guinar y Sergio Rodríguez are Some of the team members that will also be exposing their works, Together with Favio Scopel.

All these images will be posted on the web site:

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On behalf of ICOMOS Argentina, we want to help spreading our country’s large world heritage.

Besides, we would like to thank you for giving our organization the possibility of sharing this wonderful and historical landmark, designed by the magnificent Le Corbusier, so that the world can appreciate it.

Thank you very much.

ICOMOS Argentina /Comité del Sitio Casa Curutchet/ Fundación Ciudad de La Plata/ Caminando La Plata

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